Monday, 6 June 2016

Hello my name is...

Been running around, after SG meeting, then Northern business trip, topped up with unnecessary drama from childish and ego dinosaur. That is another story to tell anyway.

Before I flew to SG, I broke up with bottom guy and average guy. The former due to dying passion, the latter due to me unwillingly to be involved in a relationship that started and will be progressing in a course that I don't fancy.

However, the main theme is not about these two histories, it is about a new beginning. Hehe! (Me so evil...)

So while the drama between 2 men, I decided to do something different- volunteered for a brain-washing event. Well, it is fine as long as they are not preaching horrible things, just boring and overtly empathy things that I learned not to get too much attached too.

Anyway, I chose to STEAM BUNS. (Not like cum on 6-pack, no no no!) So I noticed this guy with pretty nice arms and chest. Hmmm yummy. Shy face, occasionally act innocent and smiling. He caught my attention. As resourceful as always, I found his number and FB and terus text him la. I actually contemplated to text him, eventually I sent a flirty watsapp. I was crazy. But he replied, and took it easy. Then the story between me and him started.

Met up. Found out that he is balding. 3 years elder than me. Vege guy. Of course, likes guys too. Haha. He was pretty disappointed knowing me having dating partner. We didn't text much after that, he said I am a good guy, I thought- where does that came from? Haha.

After I came back from Penang, I told him that I am single. We started meeting up la. Went to makan with him at 1 mont kiara. Actually at the restaurant I am already touching his waist and abs already, and he didn't even resist at the beginning, before I move further. heheeh! Eventually ler, we had our first kiss at the car park.

SKP: Come. I offered myself already.
SPL: (stared at me, push me away) what the hell ur doing?
SKP: I am sure you know what I am trying to do. Nevermind la. (I withdrew)

I offered again. He thought for 2 seconds. He kissed me, pretty wild I tell u. He asked: happy now? I kissed him twice, he didn't reject. Haha.

Anyway, cut to the chase, we have been dating like 1 week perhaps? I forgotten. He said as if we have known each other for pretty long time. Same like what hebi said last time actually. Is that a sign? Haha.

He fall sicked. I thought, I have not been resting for a while, so may as well take EL la. I drove him to KL to pick up some documents from his customer, mana tahu semua MC, pre-puasa syndrome kot. I spent like RM70 buying things to him (cereal, milk, 枇杷膏, redoxon, 龟林膏.) I told him 龟林膏 is had trace amount of tortoise shell, he looked at me and found it very funny. We went to Kepong village mall. Hehe.

Along the journey, I think we have been holding hands for 90% of the time. It felt natural. Occasionally, I warned him of the drivers or motorcyclists may have seen two men holding hands in the silver Myvi, he didn't give a fuck. Haha. 

What I liked about the monk, ohya, let's call him monk, being a vegetarian, having such will to not kill, kind guy, though going to botak soon, with pretty much white hairs, I said I can accept because he has good body- damned nice chest I tell u. He asked me if I can be with him because of true love, I laughed and I asked him to keep on hitting the gym. Inside, I thought I would try, perhaps once a while, you will meet someone that sex doesn't really mean anything? Ohya, monk is a pretty horny, on par with SKP. If things jadi, I will talk more about monk on my FB. Hehe.

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